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Rules Forum 🇬🇧


Welcome to the r4gzone.ro ROMANIA Community!
At the time of registration it is considered that you have read this regulation and you are 100% in agreement with the ones written here.
If you are already registered at the time of posting the regulation, the action to post further means a tacit acceptance of its content, whether you have read it or not.
r4gzone.ro is a forum for all categories of users (gamers, those in the IT&C world, people who want to develop a civilized conversation on various topics of culture and science, art and humor, etc.).
Discussions that fail to fall within the bounds of common sense and 7 years from home are not approved by the forum management, including those in private messages.
The moderators of the different sections have the obligation to respect this intention and therefore have the right to close or delete any parallel discussion. It is considered that the use of warnings and explanations is useful, in the hope that certain attitudes / errors of expression will be corrected in the future.
It is recommended that you use the "Search" option to see if the topic you want to discuss as a new topic has already been discussed.
The use of uncivilized, aberrant language, IRC discussions, monosyllabic replies like "yes", "lol", "so" etc., promoting software piracy and writing messages that are contrary to the legislation in force are not allowed. We want every user of this forum to be protected by the current regulation, therefore, the function / nationality / race / age of the user assaulted by insults does not matter, and the scandal will bear the consequences.
Each user is responsible for what he writes, the management of this forum does not take responsibility for your opinions.
The fact that a user has a different opinion, well argued and expressed, does not show disrespect to his interlocutors and their opinions.
Discussion topics are forbidden which by their very nature are meant to cause scandal - both their initiators and those who get caught in this "game" will be penalized very drastically.
Clones are not allowed. A new account made by a user whose old account has been deleted is not considered a clone. If a user is banned / suspended and creates an account that he / she uses to circumvent that penalty, both accounts will be deleted. This rule is retroactive.
Avatars, custom titles, signatures and nicknames should not be anti-Semitic, racist, pornographic or overly violent. Their message should not cause any confusion between the quality of user and moderator / administrator or violate the laws of our country. These details are not limiting - we reserve the right to introduce further restrictions in the future depending on the situations that will arise.
Users' nicknames can not be changed more than 30 days, only users with a minimum of 50 posts can make such a request, link here.
In addition to this regulation, it is advisable to read the regulations of the sections in which the activity is to be started.
This forum is posted only in Romanian or English.

The rules for using the forum are based on a few common sense rules, but, depending on the crime committed, different sanctions can be applied, for those who fail to comply within seven years from home.

1. Off Topic - written warning at the first deviation, three warnings received are suspended the right to post, for a period of 7 days.
2. IRC language - written warning at the first deviation, to three warnings received the right to post for a period of 5 days is suspended.
3. Monosyllabic replies - suspension of the right to post for a period of 3 days.
4. Anesthetic post - written warning.
5. Failure to comply with the posting rules - 3 days suspended.
6. Avatars, signatures, names, etc. In contravention of the regulation - written warning, two warnings are received BAN in the forum.
7. Flames - Suspend 7 days or permanent BAN as the case may be.
8. Inappropriate language (vulgar, obscene) - BAN Permanent.
9. Minor offenses - Suspend 5 days.
10. Serious Offenses - Suspend 7 days or permanent BAN depending on the situation.
11. Anti-Semitic or racist claims - Suspend 7 days.
12. Threat to physical integrity - Suspends 14 days.
13. Warez - Permanent BAN.
14. Advertising / Spam - Permanent BAN.
15. Creating Clones - Permanent BAN.

16. Spam within 10 minutes with more than 20 posts is sanctioned with warn.

For a better understanding of this system, we would like to specify certain definitions of offenses that can be found in the list above:
- IRC genre language - Use of shortcuts specific to IRC discussions ("k" instead of "like", "p" instead of "on", "ok" instead of "good" etc ...), repentance intentional use of words ("i`m" instead of "me" etc ...), the use of so-called Hacker language ("534 | 2 (| - |" instead of "search", "n0rM4L" instead of "normal" "etc ...).
- Anesthetic post - The unjustified use of some facilities offered by the publisher, such as changing the standard font, changing the standard font size, using colors, decorating the text (underline, bold), writing the text only in uppercase letters, etc. They have a point in this situation.
- Violation of the posting rules - Violation of the posting rules specific to a certain section of the forum. Also in this category is the posting in a language other than those specified in the regulation (Romanian and English), contradictory discussions between admins, related to administration on servers, carried out other than ADMINED ONLY, as well as non-observance of temporary rules, such as be the continuation of discussions on a specific topic although an Administrator / Moderator has prohibited this.
- Flames - Posts or topics that are essentially meant to cause scandal. The initiators, as well as those who get caught in this game or those who hang out, are punished, as one of the people says.
- Attack on the person - Use of expressions / remarks that in principle offend a particular user in the forum (or a group of users), even if it is not done directly.
- Offenses - Offenses of another member or members of the forum, not necessarily using vulgar language or obscene words.
- Warez - Promote software piracy and write messages that contravene the legislation in force.
- Creating clones - Creating clone users, especially to bypass a sanction. The penalty is applied to the "original" user, the clones being deleted.


Rules For Mod.:
1. BASIC RULE: User rules are not excluded for moderators! The same penalties will be applied, and if repeated, the moderator right will be withdrawn from this forum.
2. Once you receive the moderator on this forum, you agree to maintain order, and if necessary, sanction, with the notification of an Administrator before, other members.
3. Do not abuse your access and do not issue warnings unless the rules have been violated.
4. Whenever you give a warn to a user, you have the obligation to indicate the reason, Caution who give warn without proof! risk of suspension of the degree.
5. The moderators must have a civilized language / behavior towards the users of the forum, not with an air of superiority.
6. If a moderator goes missing for more than a month, he will be removed.
7. Accumulation of 3 warnings leads to the withdrawal of the moderator access.
8. Moderators are obliged to close the topics that grossly violate the regulation.
9. When you close a topic, you need to explain clearly and reasonedly why TC replies are not accepted.
10.Every advertisement is sanctioned with permanent money.
11. Moderators close topics ONLY in their categories, not those for administrators or other colleagues.
* For any irregularities or complaints, you must express your dissatisfaction, in a civilized manner, in the Reclamations staff forum section.



Chat Rules :
1. You are not allowed to advertise on other sites.
2. It is forbidden to use trivial, vulgar language and to insult the users of the chat.
3. Do not exceed more than 4 consecutive rows.
4. Do not use CAPS LOCK several times in a row when writing in chat, to avoid spoiling the look.
5. In chat, it is not allowed to post images of any kind, except by link, not by img.
6. In chat, posting with BBcodes of any kind is not allowed. (colors, img, spoiler, etc.), with the exception of ONLY Owners and Administrators, who can use this method to announce of great importance / urgency.
7. Write an idea in a sentence / phrase, "line and word" is not accepted.

The administrators of this forum reserve the right to change this regulation periodically, so we suggest you check it daily.





Thank you for your understanding / collaboration, with the esteemed management of r4gzone.ro